In secondary, our students follow the British National Curriculum at the same time as still supplementing their studies with Spanish language, Sociales and Humanities on a daily basis. The Secondary school is divided into Key Stages 3 and 4 and is taught by subject specialists throughout.

In Key Stage 3 – years 7, 8 and 9 (11 to 13 years old) students will study all subjects in the curriculum which forms the foundations in which to build their future academic studies. From Year 7 – the equivalent to “6º de Primaria”, students also start learning a third language.

In Key Stage 4 – years 10 and 11 (14 to 16 years old) students will start preparing their IGCSE Examinations to sit the exam at the end of Year 11. During this stage of their education, they choose to study a selection of options offered from a wide variety of subjects.

At the International School of Andalucía we believe year 7 should be a smooth continuation from year 6. The ethos of the school is the same, as is our commitment to ensuring children make as much progress as possible through an engaging curriculum.

Students at The International School of Andalucía are provided with many opportunities to develop their learning. Learning is not limited to the classroom, but can also take place outdoors or through an educational visit, or a community service project. Lessons are lively, fun and challenging, and provide children with many opportunities to think critically and independently.

In addition to the British curriculum, our school values, ethos and teaching approaches encourage children to develop collaborative enquiry skills. Our aim is to promote curiosity, to encourage students to ask questions, and to teach them to use their skills and knowledge confidently in real life situations.