The Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level) and the Advanced Level (A Level) are internationally recognized qualifications, preparing students for undergraduate study at university and employment. They are recognised by academic institutions and employers around the world.

AS and A levels are graded A to E. With a grade E being a pass grade in the subject. Each grade is allocated points and most universities specify the number of  points they need a student to achieve in order to access a degree course. As a general rule, because of the higher standards needed to achieve at A Level, students achieve a grade lower than they did at IGCSE. This is, of course, not set in stone but it supports the need for students to have achieved at least grade C, preferably grade B, in subjects they wish to study at A Level.

Maths minimum attainment at iGCSE must be an A. Biology, Chemistry and Physics minimum attainment at iGCSE must be a B to study them as advanced level subjects.

There are a wide variety of subjects to choose from including; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, ICT, Business Studies, Geography, History, Economics, English Literature, English Language, French, German, Psychology, Spanish, English as a Foreign Language and Art, giving each individual student the opportunity to reach the highest academic level in their chosen studies.

Our results are always excellent and well above the UK national average with some of our students achieving Top in the World and Top in Europe Awards which are given by the Edexcel Examination Board. Our former students attend universities all over the world following a variety of different courses and they continue on to accomplish great things in the workplace.

English is the official language at The International School of Andalucía. Sixth Form studies are complemented by the Spanish Curriculum with the following subjects taught in preparation for the ‘Fase Voluntaria de la PAU (Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad)’ examinations: Lengua Castellana y Literatura, Matemáticas II, Matemáticas Aplicadas,  Geografía, Biología, Historia del Arte, Economía de la Empresa, Física y Química.