At Key Stage 5 students study only the subjects they have chosen as options plus, where appropriate, the

subjects they need to fulfil the requirements of the Spanish Fases Especificas. It is an expectation that all

students retain and complete their Spanish Fases Especificas.

Some careers require specific A – Levels for entrance to university courses. To research these in the UK go to the UCAS site and follow the link to Course Search. Here you will be able to see the course specific requirements at every university and even see the grades expected for the coming year.

Course Search

There is an increasing number of courses taught in English outside the UK in countries such as Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, here in Spain and beyond. There is a lot of information about these on the internet but one source in particular that is very good is:

Astar Future

For students who are not sure what they want to study, there is excellent advice available from the Russell Group of Universities at:

Russell Group

For all students the most important piece of advice is to choose subjects that you enjoy as these are the ones in which you have most chance of success.

For information regarding University Applications for International Students in Spain please click on the following link: