Welcome to International School Andalucía.

I am proud to be the Principal of this language rich, caring, outstanding school, where every child is encouraged to be ´the best they possibly can be´

Parents who enrol their children in this school have the same aspirations: they want a school which gives their children global choices for their future; a school were academic results are outstanding and student discipline is paramount, giving everyone the opportunity to learn. They want a school where native teachers teach a high standard of language learning, where strong moral values are upheld and were every young person is encouraged to strive to ´get better´ in all aspects of life everyday.

We believe that in order for every child to reach their true potential they must feel safe, valued and content in their school. We help to nurture individual talent and

guide children in how to study, how behave and how to socialise with others so that they can finally enter the wider world as capable, confident young people. We aim to develop student’s knowledge, by supporting them to become curious, enquiring, reflective, problem-solvers and independent learners. All these skills are needed in an ever changing and demanding 21st Century.

Our six values of Responsibility, Creativity, Honesty, Teamwork, Empathy and Personal Best are firmly embedded into the culture of the school and all pupils know the part they play in contributing to upholding these values.

International School of Andalucía is a happy place where children thrive both educationally and socially. Our pupils enjoy coming to school, taking part in assemblies and productions, attending local and overseas trips and working with talented, caring, inspirational teachers.

International School Andalucía is part of the prestigious International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global network of 40 schools across several continents. Belonging to this group ensures we have outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.

International School Andalucía is a family of diverse individuals whose collective aim is to build a better world through ´amazing learning´. Amazing learning happens when children achieve above what they and their parents ever thought possible.

I encourage you to pay us a visit and see for yourself the wealth of opportunities that we can offer your child.

Natalia Cáceres