Pastoral Care is the educational term used to describe caring for the wellbeing of young people in a school

setting. The importance of pastoral care at KS5 cannot be overstated because it is in KS5 that young people

are progressing towards independence and need considerable guidance and support. Many of the issues, which will become important later in life, first appear in these formative teenage years. Both academic attainment and behaviour are monitored with the aim of supporting each young person to grow in responsibility and in an understanding of their own role in an ever-changing world. It is essential that parents and those with pastoral care responsibilities work together to support the young person at KS5 to develop into a well-rounded young person who is confident and excited about their future. Theirs is a period of change in which they must develop the character, emotional resilience and sense of purpose in order to live lives in which their ambitions will be fulfilled. It is at this stage that essential skills are developed to enable young people to make a successful transition into the successful university life of a happy young adult.