The Junior Duke and Mini Duke Awards at International School Andalucía

The Duke Awards recognise the importance of allowing children space to develop independence through essential life skills such as:

  • Bringing families together
  • Helping build a community feel
  • Creating natural conversation
  • Giving a feeling of belonging
  • Creating opportunities for parental links
  • Finding and developing independence
  • Discovering self-sufficiency
  • Increasing resilience

The Junior Duke and Mini Duke Awards provide valuable opportunities for exploration and growth. Parents have expressed surprise and delight at their children’s capabilities in activities like chess, laundry, and hiking, leading to more engaging family adventures.

The Junior Duke is divided into four progressive booklets for students from Year 3 to Year 6. Featuring tasks nurturing vital life abilities such as First Aid, swimming, cooking, household chores, public speaking, caring for others, and more. The Award Scheme promotes inclusivity, catering to both high achievers seeking an extra challenge and those excelling in practical skills, all taking pride in completing the award as a unique departure from typical school tasks. Children select seven out of ten challenges from the booklet for their year group. Once a challenge is completed they need to get it signed by the assessing teacher. The students love the responsibility of going to find that teacher to request the assessment sign-off. Upon completing their chosen tasks we celebrate with a presentation of certificates and badges at the end of year celebration.

Having been inspired by a new Guinness World Record, Capable Kids created a Junior Duke Plank World Championships – Open to all schools around the world!

Our ISA champion was Sara from Year 1 who even beat Mr Campbell with her impressive 9 minutes and 23 seconds.

The Mini Duke Award for Reception to Year 2 students encompasses skills like campfire safety, toasting marshmallows, car washing, hill climbing with a backpack, shoe shining, sandwich making, literature reading, and games like Monopoly and chess. Next year we will also introduce Senior Duke Awards for Year 7 and 8.