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From 2 to 18 years old


International School Andalucía is an International School in Seville with an educational program that goes beyond bilingual schools. Our educational programs are based on the British curriculum taught in English, to achieve an immersive experience throughout the entire academic period. Our native teachers ensure that students acquire communicative skills in English as naturally as they communicate in their mother tongue, to which a third language is added during the primary school period. 

Our commitment is based on offering students the highest educational standards throughout their academic development. The proposal of our international school in Seville is based on an integral process, in which language learning is continuous through programs that focus on the practical nature of the language. The academic results of our students are the best proof that our programs teach languages, and allow them to reinforce their abilities in other areas of learning. 


25th January at 12am

15th February at 5pm

15th March at 3pm

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Our students live in an environment of continuous learning and kindness. We offer a personalised education where we work to develop each student’s potential. In addition, students experience English language immersion from day one.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at International School Andalucía and would like more information about our school, we invite you to arrange an appointment for a visit.





What is an International School?

An international school is an educational institution capable of offering its students immersive activities in regions around the world. Our international school is part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an institution composed of international schools, which allows us to collaborate with schools in other countries in order to offer our students immersive experiences based on language learning.

ISP is a collaborative project, with which we can offer our students every year an immersive experience, based on the knowledge of other cultures and the contact with other students of their age. Primary school students learn through digital activities with which they can communicate with other students online, while in the later periods, secondary and high school, face-to-face activities are scheduled.

The advantages of our international school in Seville are based on the real possibility of studying with an international program, in which the implementation of the language is continuous, and therefore, the student learns to communicate in English with the necessary fluency from the first academic years.

Advantages of our International School in Seville for your children

The main advantages of our immersive British program are the following.

  • Active language teaching increases the student’s cognitive development and enhances the learning outcomes in other areas.
  • The international educational experience facilitates contact and knowledge of other cultures from an early age, which allows them to have a broad vision of their environment.
  • The learning of several languages favors the student’s general communicative skills, also in their mother tongue, in this case Spanish.
  • Learning a second language at an early age and complementing this learning with a third language is an added value to their future professional curriculum.
  • Language learning is a permanent process, which encourages students to perceive their own education as a personal commitment.

Objectives of our International School

Our objective is that students acquire the knowledge they will need in their personal and professional future, but beyond the academic results, we want our teaching method to become a permanent support in each of the challenges they will face.

We want to encourage skills that have to do with personal development and demand. Language learning through language-centered methods is an exceptional way for a student, to perceive the advantages of continuous improvement. We continually insist on the self-esteem of each of our students, the emotional level during the academic stage is a fundamental aspect, that is why our teachers provide a personalized education, depending on the capabilities and qualities of each student.

We want to create citizens committed to their own environment, the possibility of enjoying international activities in other countries allows us to show a wide, varied and at the same time open world, in which they must participate as active members.

We are part of the International School Partnership

Being part of the International Schools Partnership is one of our main advantages over other bilingual schools in Andalucía. ISP is an educational institution present in 15 countries and is composed of 50 international schools. The objective of the schools that are part of the ISP is to offer international experiences, both in the classroom and through immersive activities.

For our students it is a unique opportunity to have the educational framework offered by ISP. From the youngest to our pre-university students, all our students have programs adapted to their level.

Beyond perfecting language and communication skills, ISP means developing their own criteria about other cultures, through immersive experiences in which they really get to know a culture in its entirety.

The best international programs in our center

At International School Andalucía we offer the best bilingual programs, not only in the classroom, but also through immersive experiences. Learning a language requires a permanent commitment, through our international programs we reinforce the basis of the language, to encourage the student to face a future learning that will depend on their own commitment.

For our teaching staff, the best proof of this is the results obtained year after year by our students in national and international tests. We offer each student a tailor-made education, so that he or she can develop the best version of him or herself.

Choose the best international school for your children's future

If you want to offer your children the best educational experience in Sevilla, contact International School Andalucía, our educational programs conform to British standards, to ensure our students a fully immersive experience.

Their future depends largely on the knowledge they acquire during the academic stage, this teaching will be the basis of their culture and will be an incentive for their further education, in our international school in Seville we are committed to each of our students, so that their time in our school becomes the best support for their personal and professional future.