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International School Andalucía is a British private school in Seville whose educational program is based on learning through English, individual attention and values that help our students become the citizens of the future. 

We are located in Sanlúcar la Mayor, in the Aljarafe region of Seville. Our outdoor spaces allow our students to learn in the open air, as well as to practice all kinds of sports. The interior buildings have the necessary equipment to develop their potential. 

International School Andalucía is a British private school different from other academic institutions, we are part of a wide network of international schools, which allows us to offer our students international exchange programs and language learning, as well as participation in numerous international activities that contribute to the development of their skills and knowledge.  

What makes us the best school in Seville?

Our educational programs are what differentiate us from other private schools in Seville. Our goal is to enable each student to develop their full potential, offering them a personalized education based on their needs.  

In addition, our students experience language immersion from the beginning, studying the British curriculum taught by qualified British teachers.

Innovative educational programs

We believe in innovation and the implementation of new educational methods, with which we manage to transfer adapted educational methods to the classroom, taking into account the needs and expectations of each student. 

We are committed to a methodology that promotes learning through practice and understanding. In addition, we strive to develop skills that go beyond academics, such as public speaking, debate and teamwork. 

International Programs

Being part of the International School Partnership allows us to work with a network of language-oriented schools that develop coordinated activities around the world, through which our students participate in international experiences. 

Individual instruction

One of the main advantages of International School Andalucía is the dedication of our teachers to each student. We offer each student a personalized education, focusing on both academic goals and teaching values. This allows each student to reach his or her full potential.

At our Private School in Seville we care about languages

Language learning is a matter that goes beyond curricular abilities, it is about offering our students the possibility of expressing themselves in other languages, being able to communicate with people from other cultures.

In our school all subjects are taught in English by native or specialized teachers, except Spanish Language and Social Studies. This allows a linguistic immersion in English from the beginning. 

From the age of 8 they study a third language which they can choose between French or German.

Native teachers for high level teaching 

Our native teachers are one of the keys to achieving excellence in English and in each of our subjects. Our goal is to establish a grammatical, lexical and phonetic structure that serves as a basis for further improvement. 


Our native teachers encourage participation, so learning becomes a practical knowledge, with which the student communicates as fluently as he/she does in his/her mother tongue.

Why choose a British bilingual educational program in Seville?

Among the reasons to choose our educational programs, we highlight the following. 

More professional opportunities for the student

Learning English fluently from the first years of school is an advantage for the future. In terms of their curriculum, we encourage students to be able to express themselves correctly in other languages, establishing a solid foundation.

Cognitive and communicative development

A child’s cognitive development is multiplied if he/she learns a second language during his/her early years. At International School Andalucía we stimulate the student’s abilities in an individual way, through the British curriculum taught in English, with a personalized education. 

The academic performance of our students is higher

The results achieved by our students is our best guarantee. We continue to advance each year to incorporate new programs that allow us to enhance the results of our students, to encourage their abilities year after year. 

British Private School in Seville for all educational stages. From 2 to 18 years old

Early Years

During the first stage, the student experiences a linguistic immersion with native teachers who help the child to develop their independence while working on their cognitive, physical and social abilities. We offer a personalized education in small groups, to enhance the capabilities of each student, establishing their skills for the future. 

Primary School

During the six years of elementary school the student learns through a different methodology, focused on practice and understanding. All subjects are taught in English except Spanish Language and Social Studies. From the age of 8 they begin to study a third language which can be French or German. 

Secondary School

In Secondary, students follow the British curriculum while complementing their studies with two subjects from the Spanish system, Spanish Language and Social Studies. All subjects are taught in English by native or specialized teachers, except Spanish Language, Social Studies, French and German. 

During the last two years of secondary school, students prepare for their IGCSE examinations, which are internationally recognized and valid for the Spanish system.

Sixth Form

Baccalaureate is the last academic stage prior to university education. Students prepare for their A-Level exams, which are internationally recognized by Spanish and foreign universities. This allows them to study anywhere in the world. During these two years, students receive personalized professional and university orientation and participate in numerous activities that allow them to develop their communication and leadership skills, among others.

We are part of the International School Partnership

We are members of the International School Partnership (ISP), so we have educational programs based on international activities,  to provide our students the best learning experience.

What makes us different from other private schools in Seville?

The list of private schools in Seville offers different bilingual learning experiences in our city, but none like the one you will find at International School Andalucía. 

Learning in English

Our language learning programs focus on language learning, all our classes are taught in English by mainly qualified British teachers. From the age of 8 onwards, students receive French or German classes. 

Values based on holistic education and respect

We believe that children should feel secure, valued and happy, helping them to reach their true potential. We help individual talents and guide children on how to study, behave and socialize with others, so the pupil becomes capable and confident. 

Our six values of Responsibility, Honesty, Empathy, Creativity, Teamwork and Personal Best are firmly embedded in the school culture and all students contribute to upholding these values. 

Technology and innovation for learning

We incorporate the main technological innovations related to education into our classrooms. 

Indoor and outdoor facilities

Indoor and outdoor learning spaces, with the best didactic equipment for our students.

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Our teaching programs are oriented to the improvement of our students’ abilities, offering each student the personalized attention they need. The result year after year is the best proof that our teaching system is the most effective. 

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