The advantages of gamification exercises in primary schools

Gamification in primary school is an educational process that increases motivation in the classroom. Through gamification exercises in mathematics, language or referring to their behavior in the classroom, we get the students themselves to establish a series of objectives that we are going to reward. Below, we will analyze the advantages of gamification in the […]

How to work on reading comprehension in primary school

Reading comprehension is a basic skill that we must learn at an early age, in order to continue developing it during our adult years. For academic institutions, determining how to work on reading comprehension is important. At International School Sevilla we work on this ability from the first years of school, so that our pupils […]

How do we develop social skills at ISA?

What social development activities do we do? At ISA we firmly believe in the development of the whole child from an academic, social and emotional point of view. Therefore, in addition to teaching the subjects in the curriculum, students actively participate in initiatives and projects that allow the development of very important skills for the […]

What is STEAM education

What is STEAM education and how is it applied at school? What is STEAM education? This learning method is based on 4 basic principles, related to problem solving. At International School Andalucía we apply methods based on the principles of science, also creating an academic environment in which students can develop independently, but at the [...]

How to teach English to children

How to teach English to children from their earliest years   The use of the mother tongue is one of the basic skills we learn during our early years. The brain processes related to language are most active during our childhood, but over time they attenuate and make it more difficult to assimilate new linguistic structures. [...]

Active methodologies in early childhood education

The application of active methodologies in early childhood education The protagonist in active methodologies in early childhood education is the pupil. During the first academic years, they learn the basic knowledge that will allow them to continue their education in the future. The application of active methodologies favours the involvement of the student in their […]

ISA, selected as one of the 20 best international schools by El Español

Today we have started the day with another good news, for the second consecutive year we appear in the ranking of  El Español newspaper selected as one of the top 20 international schools. The criteria followed value the pedagogical innovations, the international projection of the institution, the management models put in place, the grades of […]

Baobab, Aprender jugando, la librería de referencia de ISA

We know how complicated it can be to find books in English for our students here in Sevilla. Therefore, in order to make this task easier for our families, we have recently reached an agreement with the bookshop Baobab Aprender Jugando. All purchases made by our families on their website will receive a 3% discount. […]

ISA appears for the first time in the Ranking of the 100 best schools in Spain published by Forbes

We are very pleased to announce that for the first time we appear in the Ranking of the Best Schools in Spain published by Forbes. We are very proud to debut with the 90th position in this prestigious ranking that highlights the teaching and quality of educational schools. For the ranking of the 100 most […]

ISA hosts first global TEDxYouth event organised by ISP SCHOOLS

The world-renowned TEDxYouth event took place on the 16th of March in our school. It was also the first time that such an event was held in Seville. The 14 young speakers (students from ISP schools in Europe aged between 11 and 18 years old) shared short talks in English presenting their ideas, opinions and […]