ISA is a candidate school for the IB Diploma

International School Andalucía is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and pursuing authorisation as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of international education that share a […]

International School Andalucía students achieve 100% pass rate in PEVAU

We are proud to share the results obtained by our students in the PEVAU 2023. 100% of the students who sat the PEVAU exams have passed, 51% of these students have obtained more than 12 and 13 points in their results and almost 40% have obtained more than 10 points.   Success is not the […]

ISA one of the 100 best international schools in Spain

Excellence is rewarded and our school is committed to providing our students with the highest educational standards throughout their academic development. We are an international school that teaches the British curriculum in English and our native teachers ensure that students acquire communicative skills in English as naturally as they communicate in their mother tongue, to […]

Celebrating multilingualism at ISA

At our international school in Seville  we encourage all the students to have an international mindset and learn other cultures, based on our mission to prepare our students to go out into the world giving the best. German Unit Day Learning a foreign language opens many doors for students’ futures. It is important to us to […]

Life skills for adulthood learned at school

Many of the life skills for adulthood are learned during our early years. The infant and primary school years allow us to build knowledge and practical skills that will be essential for the future. At sevilla private school we include the learning of skills that go beyond the traditional academic curriculum, so that our students […]

The advantages of gamification exercises in primary schools

Gamification in primary school is an educational process that increases motivation in the classroom. Through gamification exercises in mathematics, language or referring to their behavior in the classroom, we get the students themselves to establish a series of objectives that we are going to reward. Below, we will analyze the advantages of gamification in the […]

How to work on reading comprehension in primary school

Reading comprehension is a basic skill that we must learn at an early age, in order to continue developing it during our adult years. For academic institutions, determining how to work on reading comprehension is important. At International School Sevilla we work on this ability from the first years of school, so that our pupils [...]

How do we develop social skills at ISA?

What social development activities do we do? At ISA we firmly believe in the development of the whole child from an academic, social and emotional point of view. Therefore, in addition to teaching the subjects in the curriculum, students actively participate in initiatives and projects that allow the development of very important skills for the […]

What is STEAM education

What is STEAM education and how is it applied at school? What is STEAM education? This learning method is based on 4 basic principles, related to problem solving. At Sevilla private school we apply methods based on the principles of science, also creating an academic environment in which students can develop independently, but at the [...]

How to teach English to children

How to teach English to children from their earliest years   The use of the mother tongue is one of the basic skills we learn during our early years. The brain processes related to language are most active during our childhood, but over time they attenuate and make it more difficult to assimilate new linguistic structures. [...]