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British School allows students to learn a language from their first school years, as they have learned their mother tongue. The main advantage is that they can communicate fluently, naturally internalizing the structures of the second language. 

At International School Andalucía we are a English College in Seville focused on teaching languages through immersive experiences, to ensure that our students acquire the language base they will need in the future. 

Why are we the best British School in Seville?

Unlike other british schools in Seville, at ISA we teach the British curriculum 100% in English with qualified native and bilingual teachers and we have specific programs oriented to the teaching of other languages (French and German). These are the reasons why we are the british school of reference in Seville.

International Schools Partnership

We are part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), an educational organization formed by 50 schools from 15 different countries, which allows us to offer our students a wide network of academic institutions perfect for practicing their foreign language skills, as well as the possibility of participating in international educational initiatives. 

Multilingual teaching

Multilingual teaching at an early age allows a child to learn several languages in the same way they have learned their mother tongue, achieving fluent communication from their earliest years. 

Values based on integral education and respect

Beyond the academic and language objectives, we also insist on the learning of values. 

Our six values of Responsibility, Honesty, Empathy, Creativity, Teamwork and Peronal Best are firmly rooted in the school culture and all students contribute to uphold these values. 

Learning through practice and understanding

At International School Andalucía we offer a different learning methodology in which the student is the protagonist of his or her learning. Teachers provide students with the resources and environment necessary for them to learn through practice and understanding. This methodology allows for a personalized education in which each student can develop according to his or her abilities. 

Why choose a british educational program in Seville?

There are many reasons why choosing british schools in Seville as International School Andalucía is the best option for our students. 

Greater professional opportunities for the student 

Our school prepares your children to become the citizens of tomorrow, orienting their education towards the professional opportunities of the future.  

Cognitive and communicative development

The learning of a second language through linguistic immersion carried out by bilingual teachers stimulates a greater cognitive performance in the rest of the subjects, even in activities related to their daily life beyond the classroom. 

Higher academic performance

The result is a higher academic performance, thanks to a personalized education that adapts to the needs and expectations of each student. 

Advantages of studying at our British School in Seville

The main advantages of our British school in Seville are the following.

British curriculum with native and bilingual teachers

We are a British school, all classes are taught in English with native and bilingual teachers, except Spanish Language and Social Studies. 

Educational Excellence 

Our main objective is to achieve the highest educational excellence in our school, to prepare our students for their future. 

Personalized learning based on motivation

We attend to the needs of each student in a personal way, with the tools they need at all times. Together with a methodology that bases learning on practice and understanding, makes students develop their independence and work motivated. 

Student orientation programs

We guide all our students throughout all the phases that make up their academic process. 

British school in Seville for all stages of education

It is important to insist on the importance of learning a second language during the early academic stages. British education in Spain is based precisely on the advantages that learning other languages has for a child during the first school years, in the later stages the objective will be to improve the skills acquired during the first years. 

At International School Andalucía we offer you a unique educational program based on the British curriculum, with all the advantages of a english college for your children. We are very close to you to provide your children with the education they deserve.  

Our students achieve their best academic results

Our best guarantee is the results that, year after year, our students achieve. Every year we prove the advantages of learning a second language at an early age, obtaining the best results compared to other schools in our environment.

International Bilingual School: International Programs

Unlike other schools, we have a network of schools in up to 13 countries, we participate in international initiatives and language and exchange programs. Our international programs are developed with ISP and allow our students to develop their social and communication skills while learning about other cultures and current issues. 

Choose our British School in Seville for your children’s future

Our English College is the best choice for your children’s future. Our experience allows us to ensure our students a language teaching method that is developed throughout the academic period, the student is fluent in all aspects of the language, with special emphasis on the practical use of the language. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to study in a british environment 

At International School Andalucía we offer you all the resources your children need for their future, with an education focused on learning English and on the values that will allow them to find their professional future.

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