Enrolment in International School Andalucía Private School

International School Andalucía is a private school in Aljarafe with an immersive educational approach, different to that offered by traditional bilingual educational programmes. Through language learning and personalised attention to each student, we ensure that they achieve their goals and are prepared to face their academic future with confidence.

Welcome to our private school in Seville

At our international school in Seville we have created a learning environment of the highest standard through the following commitments. 

Language learning

At our private school in Seville, language learning is the basis of our teaching method. The ability to communicate in different languages is essential to our students’ education, and from the very first years we incorporate a language immersion approach, using advanced pedagogical methods that encourage natural language acquisition. 

In addition to learning Spanish, our students are immersed in the study of English, and we offer additional options such as French or German. Our native and bilingual teachers use interactive techniques and we are part of ISP, which allows us to organise international activities for our students during different academic stages. 

This methodology not only strengthens language skills, but also our students’ confidence and ability to adapt in multicultural environments. We are proud to be a benchmark in teaching, preparing our students for a future without borders.

Our philosophy and commitment to quality education

Our academic philosophy focuses on the holistic development of the student beyond the acquisition of academic knowledge. Our approach values the development of critical skills, problem-solving abilities and adaptability in an ever-changing world. 

Commitment to quality education also involves considering the ethical, social and emotional nature of learning, preparing students to be responsible and empathetic citizens. It is an investment in human potential, recognising that each individual has unique abilities that, with the right support, can flourish and contribute positively to society.

A nurturing and stimulating environment 

A nurturing and stimulating environment is fundamental to the all-round development of pupils. The environment at our private school in Aljarafe goes beyond the well-equipped classrooms, including a wide variety of resources, activities and experiences that expand their horizons. It is a space where curiosity is nurtured, questions are encouraged and learning is an ongoing adventure. Such an environment values individual differences, promotes collaboration and fosters mutual respect

Teachers play a crucial role by acting as guides and adapting their teaching to the needs of each student. In addition, extra-curricular activities, arts and sports are integrated, ensuring that each student has the opportunity to discover and develop their talents, skills and passions.

Educational offer adapted to the needs of each stage of education

Through language learning and immersive experiences adapted to each stage, at our international school in Seville we ensure that each student has the academic process they need.

Our students have all the support they need to pass their A-Levels. This test is crucial to their academic and professional future, which is why our study plans focus on preparing students adequately, for one of the most important stages of their academic development.

Why choose International School Andalucía, the Private School in Seville

The results of our students in independent tests, as well as the qualifications of our teachers, are two of the reasons that differentiate us from other international schools.   

Outstanding academic track record and recognition in the educational community

The academic results of our students are clear evidence of the effectiveness and quality of our pedagogical system. Through an educational approach that combines academic rigour with personal development, we have enabled our students to not only meet, but often exceed expectations in their assessments and examinations. These achievements reflect the dedication and commitment to learning that we instil in them. 

Beyond grades, their abilities in relation to critical thinking skills, problem solving and creativity are also remarkable.

Highly qualified teaching staff committed to educational excellence.

Our highly qualified teaching staff are the cornerstone of our educational success. With specialised training and an unquestionable vocation, they are committed to each student. Our commitment to educational excellence goes beyond mere teaching; we seek to inspire, guide and motivate students to reach their full potential.

Rigorous and personalised academic programmes

Our educational programmes are tailored to each stage of education, with special consideration given to language learning. 


During the infant stage, our students learn several languages at the same pace as they learn their mother tongue.


The primary school years are used to acquire a wide vocabulary and begin to deal with basic syntactic structures. 


During secondary school, the student learns more complex language structures and puts them into practice on an ongoing basis.

Academic and personal excellence

To achieve academic excellence, we implement the following educational processes. 

Innovative and enriching academic programmes

Our academic programmes are characterised by being innovative and enriching. We integrate the best pedagogical practices with technological advances and contemporary methods, offering a dynamic curriculum that motivates students. In this way, we promote deep learning, fostering creativity, critical thinking and preparation for an ever-changing world.

Individualised support for the development of skills and talents.

At our private school in Seville we offer individualised support, focusing on each student’s unique skills and talents. Through personalised tutoring, adaptive programmes and specialised resources, we ensure that each student has the tools and guidance they need to develop, strengthening their abilities and discovering their true passions.

Workshops and extracurricular activities that foster creativity and a passion for knowledge

Our workshops and extracurricular activities are designed to encourage creativity and a passion for knowledge. From arts and sciences to sports and debate, these opportunities offer students a space to explore, innovate and deepen their interests, complementing their academic training and enriching their educational experience.

Admission and enrolment process

The admission process has 4 compulsory phases.

  • Request for information.
  • Visit to our private school in Aljarafe.
  • Entrance test and test visit.
  • Enrolment. 

Contact form for enquiries and to request a visit