Extracurricular Activities Programme

At International School Andalucía we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities to complement the academic curriculum. 

Our students have the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities during school hours thanks to our Friday Clubs, or after school, by signing up for one of the extracurricular activities that we offer each year. 

What is our programme of activities like?

Our activity programme is made up of two parts:

Clubs – Extracurricular activities: 

Every Friday at the last period, students can sign up for a Club. Each club lasts for 6 weeks, allowing students to participate in a variety of activities throughout the year. 

The aim of the clubs is to develop skills that go beyond the purely academic, such as improving oral expression, developing creativity, improving fine motor skills, debate and argumentation, among others. 

These are some of the clubs in which students can participate throughout the course:

Exploring nature

Typical dances

Lego challenges


Sports: Basketball, table tennis, football

ISA Radio

Film analysis

Storytelling and storytelling

Arts and crafts

Fun maths and problem solving

Drama and body language

In addition, our pupils have the opportunity to participate in International Learning Initiatives, offered by ISP Group and The Duke of Edinburgh’s prestigious Award.

Extra-curricular activities

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities which take place in the afternoons. 

What ages are our extra-curricular activities for?

All our pupils take part in Friday Clubs, these activities form part of the curriculum and each one is adapted to the age of the pupils.

The extracurricular activities we offer in the afternoons are designed for different age groups, from the youngest to the final year students. 

Extracurricular activities we offer

Individual piano and guitar lessons. 

Students can learn to play an instrument under the guidance of an individual teacher,

Dance and dance

3D Printing and Robotics

At ISA we have a STEAM laboratory equipped with the necessary materials for students to learn the use of new technologies such as programming, robotics or 3D printing.

Skating, football and table tennis

Sport is fundamental for children’s development and they also learn values such as teamwork, empathy and discipline.


Our pupils’ plays have always been one of the characteristics of our school. We are looking forward to seeing what they have produced for this year’s Christmas play. 

Art attack

The development of creativity 


Younger children will be able to enjoy Zhumbini sessions. These classes designed for children from 6 months to 6 years old have a positive impact on children’s psychomotor skills, improving their coordination and balance. They can also be accompanied by an adult. 


Taught by the SUNG LIDO YANG School of Martial Arts. This is a martial art focused on teaching the person who practises it to defend themselves. It is a sport with a high technical component, where you learn various types of combat. 


Join in and have fun!