Enrolment at International School Andalucía Bilingual School

Our international school in Seville incorporates a programme based on the highest British educational standards. Our aim is to build knowledge from language learning, so that our students are prepared to face international academic challenges in the future.

Welcome to International School Andalucía Bilingual School

An international school in Seville like International School Andalucía is a different alternative to other bilingual schools. We create an environment in which the practice of several languages is continuous, but in addition, our students develop in a space that favours learning in general and their personal abilities in particular.

Quality education in a bilingual and multicultural environment

An environment such as International School Andalucía offers numerous advantages for students. Learning two or more languages promotes greater fluency in communication and stronger language skills. Students have the opportunity to interact and communicate with peers from different cultures, which helps them develop intercultural communication skills and an appreciation of diversity.

In addition, a bilingual environment fosters openness and cognitive flexibility. Students learn to adapt to different learning styles and cultural perspectives, enabling them to develop more creative problem-solving skills and a greater ability to adapt to diverse environments. They also learn to be more tolerant and respectful of other cultures and ways of thinking, promoting inclusion.

Exposure to different cultures and perspectives in the multicultural school environment enriches students‘ education by providing them with a global vision and broadening their horizons. They learn to value and respect differences, developing an open and empathetic mindset.

A bilingual and multicultural environment prepares students for a globalised working world, where diversity and knowledge of different languages and cultures are highly valued. Our daily work tries to generate the best educational space to achieve objectives that go beyond the traditional teaching process. 

Our educational philosophy and differentiating pedagogical approach

What sets our school apart is that language learning is not an add-on, but a method that supports the complete education of our students. Upon completion of the academic process, they are prepared to face international challenges in areas that go beyond language.

Modern and safe facilities for the integral development of students

Our school has high performance facilities, among which the following stand out:

  • Football pitches and basketball courts 
  • Gymnasium 
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Music room
  • Art room
  • Two ICT rooms
  • STEAM laboratory
  • Library with over 2000 volumes in several languages
  • Study room for Baccalaureate
  • Dining room where the daily menu is cooked
  • Three science laboratories for chemistry, biology and physics subjects
  • Outdoor gardens

Why choose our bilingual school in Seville?

There are many reasons why International School Andalucía is the best option for your children, the linguistic immersion, the official certificates and the teaching staff are three of the most important. 

Language immersion from an early age

Language immersion from an early age offers numerous advantages for students. Firstly, children have a greater brain capacity at an early age, which facilitates the learning of new languages. By being constantly exposed to several languages, they have the opportunity to develop stronger and more natural language skills.

In addition, early language immersion promotes correct pronunciation and intonation, as children have an innate ability to imitate and reproduce sounds more accurately.

Language immersion from an early age also fosters cognitive development and enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Bilingual children tend to have greater cognitive flexibility and the ability to switch between different tasks and approaches.

Internationally recognised official certificates in English and other languages

Going to a bilingual school is an advantage in obtaining international language certificates. Access to a bilingual environment provides constant language immersion, which prepares students to communicate effectively in international contexts.

Earning international language certificates demonstrates a globally recognised level of proficiency. These certificates, such as Cambridge English, TOEFL or DELF/DALF, are widely recognised by academic institutions and companies around the world, and our students acquire the knowledge and confidence to take these tests with confidence and obtain the best grades.

Native teachers and innovative methodologies for language development

Native teachers have a deep command of the language and can ensure authentic and accurate teaching. Their fluency and cultural knowledge enrich students’ learning experience, and native teachers can convey the correct pronunciation and linguistic subtleties of the language, enhancing students’ communicative competence. 

At our international school in Seville we integrate numerous native teachers, who also use the most innovative teaching methodologies, taking into account all the needs of our students

Educational offer at our bilingual school in Seville at all levels

International School Andalucía has the best academic offer throughout all stages of education prior to university education.


Infant education includes the beginning of English language learning, so that pupils can develop their skills at the same time as learning their mother tongue. 


During the primary years, they learn a more complex curriculum, which will form the basis of their further education. 


Secondary courses allow each student to choose an educational pathway appropriate to his or her preferences.


The bilingual Baccalaureate allows our students to prepare for an international university education.

Admission and enrolment process

Information request

We will contact you within a maximum of 48 hours and schedule an in-person visit.

Visit to the school

We will give you a tour of the facilities, and you will also be able to meet our teachers and the Headmistress. 

Entrance test and test day

Students must take a test in English and Maths beforehand.


Finally, it is compulsory to send the completed and signed enrolment documents and to pay the registration fee and deposit.

Contact form for enquiries and to request a visit