13 secondary school students are taking part in MUNDP 2021 this year dedicated to East Asia and Pacific

Model United Nations is a programme where young people can participate in an educational simulation of the United Nations and discuss ongoing political developments and diplomacy. Participants are assigned a country or non-governmental organisation (NGO) to represent in their committee, playing the role of a diplomat and thus participating as a delegate. 

The conference took place last weekend and for the first time was held online. Our students were challenged to represent North Korea in the various committees taking place. In preparation for the conference, Mr David, our history teacher, led sessions beforehand where students had the opportunity to research their assigned topics and prepare to represent North Korea.

At ISA we encourage participation in this type of activity as it helps students develop communication, public speaking, empathy and research skills, which helps them to better understand the world we live in. They also gain knowledge about current history, politics and human rights.