Back to school safely at The International School Andalucia

There is less left to welcome our students again and we have everything prepared for a safe and successful face-to-face return. The wellbeing and health of our students and employees are our priority. We have prepared an action protocol and we have established new routines that ensure social safety distance and all hygiene protocols, without eliminating the personal and social interaction so necessary for the development of our students.

Our facilities are bigger enough with more than 10,000 square meters, wide corridors, spacious classrooms with good ventilation systems and large outdoor spaces. In addition, at the International School Andalucía, we offer a personalized education in small groups, where our classes have an average of 20 students.

All this allows us both students and teachers to follow the security measures established by the Junta de Andalucía for the opening of educational centers.

  • We have established safe bubbles groups
  • We have implemented pass flows and sectorized areas to ensure the safety distance in common areas
  • Our staff has received training on prevention measures
  • We have invested in hygiene resources, such as gel dispensers, and increased the number of cleaning staff.
  • We have marked the campus to remind students of the new routines and that these are part of their day to day in a simple way

The first days of class, we will dedicate the necessary time for the students to internalize the new routines

After the months of distance learning and the summer holidays, we are aware that going back to school can be difficult for some of our students. We will work focused on their well-being and on providing support in those academic areas that require it.

In addition, the new course is loaded with new features in our facilities, we are carrying out renovation work on the façade and access area and in September we opened a soccer field.

We are looking forward to seeing our students in the classroom again!