Berlin Trip

To speak another language and visit another country is an education in itself! With this in mind the Year 9 and 10 set off on a major adventure to find out more about the Culture, Language and History of Berlin. The trip was a stupendous success; pertinent questions of Historical significance were asked, German was correctly pronounced, we went to the top of Berlin for the view from the TV Tower and the depths of Berlin in a Second World War Bunker.

One of the most fantastic parts of the trip were the local tour guides who spoke so knowledgably about different aspects of their country. In particular, the students immensely enjoyed the visit to the world war two underground bunker in which they experienced the pitch darkness and neon paint familiar to Berliners in 1945. Despite the rain the students valiantly climbed to the top of the newly reconstructed dome of the Bundestag and were rewarded with an incredible view of Berlin by night. In addition to this, the students also took in the Tiergarten Park and the Museum of East Germany in which many had the opportunity to sit in the seat of a Trabant. On the Berlin trip there was no shortage of drama, sights to be seen, new words to be pronounced and food to be eaten.