Celebrating multilingualism at ISA

At our international school in Seville  we encourage all the students to have an international mindset and learn other cultures, based on our mission to prepare our students to go out into the world giving the best.

German Unit Day

Learning a foreign language opens many doors for students’ futures. It is important to us to bring them closer to the culture along with the language. Therefore, each year we recognize a national holiday of a German-speaking country and offer a trip to Germany or Austria.

On the German Unity Day, the 3rd of October, we celebrated the German language at ISA. In the morning we had a quiz rally through the whole school building on the topic “German inventions”. In the school entrance there was a poster gallery about German culture created by the students and the families brought in a huge range of German cakes, pastries and pancakes for a charity bake sale, which was a great success.

Last December we visited Vienna and the students enjoyed the sights and Christmas markets. The trip was focused on history and art and we went to see the castle Schönbrunn, the Albertina museums, the Wiener Prater Ferries Wheel, the house of music and much more. We also had a nice dinner with the traditional Schnitzel and Apfelstrudel. The students had a wonderful time and the trip was definitely a great motivator to learn German and get better every day. 


Day for la Francophonie

French is a widely spoken language that is not only beautiful but also holds great importance in encouraging multilingualism. French is the second most widely learned language in the world after English and is spoken by more than 220 million people across the globe. Moreover, learning French opens up many opportunities for travel, cultural exchange, and job prospects, particularly in international organisations such as the United Nations or the International Olympic Committee, where French is an official language. 


French is an essential language in encouraging multilingualism. It can open up many opportunities for personal and professional growth, promote cognitive benefits, foster intercultural understanding, and provide a deeper appreciation of French culture. Therefore, learning French should be considered a worthwhile endeavour, not only for its practical benefits but also for the enrichment it can bring to one’s life. At ISA the French department is constantly trying to make our students enjoy and appreciate the language and the French speaking culture; several activities are proposed during the year such as the International Day for la Francophonie, celebrated on the 20th of March where different activities take place with the aim of involving the school at all levels. Residential trips to French speaking countries every year are also much appreciated by our children and have a clear impact in the confidence especially on those learning French.