Clara Molano, Year 13 student, among the 50 most outstanding pre-university students in Spain

Our student Clara Molano, student of year 13 has achieved one of the 50 places offered annually by the Programa Becas Europa. It is an initiative of the Francisco de Vitoria University and Banco Santander, through Santander Universities, which this year celebrates its fifteenth edition.

The objective of Becas Europa is to promote the commitment of young people to the development of their talent, to promote the integral growth of students so that they become professional leaders in the future.

The purpose of the program is to travel to the depths of the history, essence and ideals of the university, which was born in Europe, to awaken in its future students the attitude of the true university student.

Clara has been one of the 50 students selected from more than 4,000 schools throughout Spain. From the school we want to congratulate Clara for participating in this project and getting one of the places. Below, you can read little more about her experience and about the Becas Europa:

What did you like the most about the experience?
The selection process takes more than a year. The different phases are challenges where extensive knowledge and abilities are valued. The last phase is a gathering of three days in the University Francisco of Vitoria (UFV). These days were super intense, with conferences, interviews, debates and lots of reflection. I consider these tests an award in themselves. The topics that were debated were very complex. It allowed me to increase my self-knowledge, and most of all it has reaffirmed in me the need to put my work, knowledge and skills at the service of society.

What motivated you to apply for the scholarship?
It is a very attractive scholarship and it has lots of prestige. The award consists of visiting the most recognized universities in Europe, participating in meetings, conferences and debates with leading professionals in their field.

What did your project or projects consist of?
This year, we had to carry out a project to find solutions to the depopulation in Spain. Our work, “Revivespaña” consisted in carrying out volunteering, cultural and sports activities with young people in rural areas. Exchanging time, knowledge and life views.

What has been the most complicated or challenging?
What I thought was going to be the most complicated, was being able to express my opinion about such complex topics in front of people I had just met, especially with the additional pressure of knowing being in a selection process. I was afraid of blocking out, and of not being able to show myself as I am. However, the opposite happened, the environment was so positive that I felt very comfortable sharing my views in that atmosphere.

What do you plan to study and where?
I want to study Biomedical Engineering, as I am passionate about working at the interface of technology and medicine. I have offers from Imperial College London y University College London. I also have the opportunity to study in Madrid. The departments in these centers have developed crucial technologies for the crisis of Covid-19. I can´t wait to start.


Clara with some colleagues during the Fellowship tests.