After a challenging week, our secondary students continue to learn and prepare for their exams. We show you what they have been doing in some subjects.


Year 9 – We started a new topic: How we use energy
Year 10 have been learning about the electromagnetic spectrum this week.
Year 12 and 13 have been working hard on exam questions and year 13 have researched Nuclear Fusion.
Year 11 completed an astrophysics google quiz with exam questions and most students scored more that 75%!


All the chemists have checked in each lesson with a question of the day to get their brains thinking about chemistry.
In year 9 chemistry we have been learning about neutralisation.
In Year 10 chemistry we have been learning about how we could find out the amount of oxygen in the air.
In Year 11 we have been getting closer to finishing the course by starting our last topic of plastics and we have been hunting around our house to find out what plastics are made of.
Year 12 have been analysing the results of some practical work they completed in school about enthalpy changes.
Year 13 have been working together to pull all of their understanding of organic chemistry together to learn how to synthesise chemicals.


Year 10 Biology – Have investigated the effect of exercise on their heart rates. Students had to carry out different exercises and measured their heart rates, then analysed their data using ICT skills.
Year 11 Biology – Have been looking at the effects of pollution.
Year 12 Biology – Have been studying the importance of ecosystems and the services they provide us with. They have used online quizzes and TED talks.
Year 13 Biology – Have been consolidating their knowledge of population genetics by studying past paper questions.


Our little illustrators: Our year 7 students are designing their own book using as inspiration the monster they had created before. Some of them used their monsters to fight the coronavirus . Once again the creativity and attitude of our students has brought a smile to our face.

In Year 10 we started with the course work.

Y11 Our iGCSE students are still working hard and obtaining amazing results. Nothing like art to express themselves.

AS Students Our students do not stop surprising us with their artistic abilities. Here some examples of how the breaking situation has not stopped our stents to create and continue delighting us with their amazing work.


The students in History have been working hard all week and learning lots!
Year 7 – Have been learning about Joan of Arc and the murder of Thomas of Beckett in Medieval History
Year 8 – Have been learning about the Spanish Armada for a special project.
Year 9 – Have been learning about Germany in 1918 at the end of World War One.
Year 10 – Have written their analysis of Gustav Stresemann
Year 11 – Have been completing past paper questions on the Cold War