We continue to participate in international initiatives during the Distance Learning program organized by International Schools Partnership for its schools.
Five students from Y10,11 and 12 have been successfully applied to be part of an initiative organised by the University of Surrey in the UK to participate in an initiative called European connect. This is an academic initiative aimed at students who want to develop their understanding of a subject at a higher level and work with like minded students from across Europe.
The scheme has two core objectives:
1. Connecting students across Europe with similar interests
2. Providing an opportunity to complete a group research project in a subject area of choice and deliver a 10-15 minute group presentation after 8 weeks.
Project Subject areas available include:
 Biosciences and Medicine
 Business and Economics
 Chemistry and Physics
 Computer Science
 Engineering
 Environment and Sustainability
 Healthcare Sciences
 Hospitality and Tourism
 Law and Politics
 Music and Media
 Performing Arts
 Psychology and Sociology
 Veterinary Sciences

The programme is an online group research project but it is primarily an information support and advice initiative within the context of the students’ preferred subject areas.  It is designed to inform by providing an insight into university level content whilst also encouraging students to follow their specific areas of interest.
The University initially contacted over 130 EU schools to share this opportunity. They have received applications from students in the UK, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Germany.

I am delighted that we have had some successful applications and I am excited to see what they produce over the next 8 weeks. We will keep you informed about their progress in this activity.
Mr Fuller