ISAx Talks 2024

On Friday 7th June, International School Andalucía hosted a public speaking TEDx style event – the inaugural ISAx Talks. We had six key speakers from years 7-10, who volunteered to share their thoughts and ideas with the rest of the school, staff, parents and families. This event aimed to celebrate the incredible journey of our students as they transformed from eager learners to confident speakers and critical thinkers, with the whole process being student led. The concepts and scripts were created and developed by the students themselves, and reflected their interpretation of the topic ‘Confidence in an ever changing world’.

Throughout this journey, our students have honed their public speaking abilities, become adept at critical thinking, able to analyse and synthesise information to construct persuasive arguments. Their collaboration and teamwork have also flourished, as they learned to support one another, share feedback, and work towards common goals. Many have conquered their fears, stepping out of their comfort zones to engage audiences with passion and confidence.

These students are an inspiration to the rest of the school community, demonstrating the key values of creativity, teamwork, and personal best, further cementing the schools vision for an international mind-set and inspiring lifelong learners.

As their mentor, I could not be more proud of them.

Mr. Curnow