The importance of PHSE subject in the distance learning

PSHE education (Personal, Social, Health Education and Economic education)  is a school subject through which pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and prepared for life and work. This subject has an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for pupils.

During the distance learning period, teachers have adapted the subject content to the circumstances we are experiencing. We have focused on providing children with tips to better adapt to confinement and online learning:

PSHE Learning from Home- Tips & Guidance

Tips  learning from home

  • Create a routine with times for work and breaks
  • Have different spaces for work and relaxation.
  • Get dressed and have a morning routine
  • Take Breaks from the Screen, while it is good to keep to the school timetable it is also true that you will need to take breaks.
  • Not all learning needs to be online, take a break to read a book or play an instrument.

Get exercise!…This is part of good mental Health!

We are sure that you have discovered that you need to move around during the day as sitting in one place is unhealthy. Here are some suggestions to keep active!

  • Just Dance
  • Walk around the house 
  • Training App or video
  • Follow a PE Lesson lead by Mr. Campbell
  • Do a Yoga session with Mss Jones

Create positive family time, In the modern world we often have less time with parents so we should make the most of it! 

All parents at the moment are trying to balance many pressures so it is important to create a good family atmosphere.

  • Switch off the screen and talk or play board games.
  • Have a family discussion about what it means to stay at home and how you can develop solutions.


For advice on how to reduce the psychological impact of staying inside during the State of Alarm read here.


We would like to share with you other examples of what we have been teaching:

Year 3: Healthy food at home

KS4: some advice on how students can adjust to working from home..advice on screen breaks…exercise..positive family time…how to attend Cold Play´s Corona Virus Solidarity online concert.

Y7: Origami challenge

Y8: presenting something entitled “Keep Calm and….”, where they have to be creative and think of things to do at home.

Y13 PSHE: to learn the cup game for brain training and a break from screen time.