We are sponsors of “A bordo de la Victoria” a play for the whole family.

At ISA we promote an international mindedness and encourage our students to become world citizens with an open mind and intellectual curiosity. Therefore, when Sevilla con los Peques approached us with the idea of a sponsorship of a play for children about the first circumnavigation of the world, it seemed to us that it was very aligned with the values of our school: empathy, responsibility, creativity, honesty, personal improvement and teamwork.

We are very excited to be able to collaborate and participate in a project that promotes international culture from Seville, thus being consistent with our mission of instilling in our students an open mind and projecting our local culture on a global level.

As it is written in the review of the work, Estrella, a little cheeky and talkative rat, sneaks among Magellan’s crew to travel the world. On the ship she meets Juan de Juanes, the captain’s dog with whom he will experience the great adventure of her life. There is a symbiosis between all the discoveries that the characters make through the adventures, with our teaching methodology where students learn by doing and being involved in their own experiences that inspire them to become lifelong learners, enjoying each adventure that education brings every day and of course without fear of discovering new capacities they do not know they have.

The play will take place in the auditorium of the Aquarium of Seville during the months of October and November. You can buy tickets here.