Students complete Duke of Edinburgh expedition

In a crazy year of restrictions and a curfew the activities available for the Duke of Edinburgh adventurous Journey were very limited. However, we are lucky enough to have the Guadiamar river
that runs close by and the whole length of the river runs within Sevilla province. So both the Bronze and Silver participants were able to spend time exploring the river valley and having a picnic lunch.

We had to cross the river twice which caused a lot of discussion about the best way of doing it. Some just crossed with their shoes on and watched some others take off their shoes roll up their trousers and carefully cross barefoot. There was then a careful routine of foot drying before putting on shoes and socks. Some students managed to negotiate getting carried across!
The Silver students started their 3 days at the Guadiamar Visitors Centre where we had a leisurely breakfast and planned what to research during the next days. The students decided to look into
invasive species specifically pampas grass and frogs. It turns out that the pampas grass was easy to see but we didn´t find a single frog! Day 2 we explored the area around Aznalcóllar trying to take a southern route around the mine which proved impossible so we headed for the Dam. We stopped for lunch next to a rope swing over the reservoir which some students took full advantage of
launching themselves into the water for a cool off. On day 3 we explored the carcava in Sanlúcar la Mayor were the receding seawater level has left 4-million-year-old fossils and we managed to
uncover many examples.

So the students managed to complete their Adventurous Journey successfully and in a more interesting way than some of the city based schools were able to do.