The advantages of gamification exercises in primary schools

Gamification in primary school is an educational process that increases motivation in the classroom. Through gamification exercises in mathematics, language or referring to their behavior in the classroom, we get the students themselves to establish a series of objectives that we are going to reward.

Below, we will analyze the advantages of gamification in the academic environment and some examples applied to the classroom.

What is gamification?

Before analyzing gamification in primary school, it is important to define the concept of gamification. It is an anglicism that refers to a series of games applied to academic training. The objective of gamification is to create a competitive environment, aimed at improving student performance based on a series of rewards and recognition. 

Gamification can be applied in different areas; in the case of learning in primary school it is especially effective, because students perceive the importance of their own learning process.  

The advantages of gamification

There are many advantages of a learning process through gamification, among the main ones, we highlight the following:    

  • Motivation is one of the main advantages of gamified games in the classroom. Competitiveness in a suitable climate maintains motivation during classes. 
  • The difficulty increases little by little, which causes the students’ skills to continue to develop in the medium and long term. 
  • Gamification encourages cooperation and general teamwork, because the groups have common goals to work towards. 
  • It increases both concentration and attention during class. The student wants to achieve the objectives and to do so must stay focused. 
  • It improves the use of logic, which is applicable to other aspects beyond the academic field. 
  • Stimulates academic performance in general. 

Gamification Exercises for Primary School Courses

The following are some exercises that can be implemented in the classroom and allow you to gamify your learning during this educational stage. 

Interactive digital games

The digital space has an important presence in gamification processes, because we can implement many activities through the use of online tools. 

The process is similar to that of video games, it is about overcoming tests of skill, memory and attention, which will involve learning in different areas.

The process is similar to that of an exam, the student must retrieve the memorized information, however, he does it in a different digital environment. 

Points for behavior

One of the advantages of gamification games is that they allow us to encourage knowledge and values that, although not present in primary school subjects, are essential for their education and personal growth. Gamification allows us to introduce games in the classroom that reward good behavior, for example, we can establish a panel in which, at the end of each week, we give a positive or negative point depending on the general behavior in class. It is important to establish an achievable goal, which serves as motivation. 

Creative contests

Talent contests stimulate them and allow them to show their best qualities. All students have unique qualities, and contests are a way for them to showcase and enhance them. 

It is important to let them choose with absolute freedom, there are many skills that, although not learned in class, can be wonderful, so it is important to encourage them from an early age and gamification games are very useful.

Calculation games 

Calculation games in the classroom allow them to increase their ability to perform mathematical operations mentally. A very simple activity is based on doing quick mental operations that must be solved as a group, depending on the results, points are awarded to determine who the winners are. 

Chained words

The chained words game consists of starting a word with the same letter or syllable with which the previous word ended. It is a game that encourages mental agility and helps them to review vocabulary. This game can be played in other languages to learn more terms.  

Gamification at home

Gamification games are not only effective in the classroom, they can also be used at home to help children learn to be more responsible. Household chores are a good excuse to start a gamification game in which goals and prizes are set, depending on the tasks performed by each person. It is important that the whole family is included, so that our behavior serves as an example. 

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